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March 19, 2013 by Denise

23 tiles from the "ATCs to Zendalas" hands-on workshop at the National Art Education Association Convention.

23 tiles from the “ATCs to Zendalas” hands-on workshop at the National Art Education Association Convention.

Every year, the National Art Education Association holds its annual convention, and it is all kinds of fun. This year, a fellow CZT #4 training fellow graduate, Amy, submitted two proposals for Zentangle based sessions – a 50 minute lecture on best practices, and a two hour hands-on workshop. Much to our delight (trepidation?) both were accepted. Planning these classes with her were a challenge because she is in Knoxville, and I am in Albuquerque, approximately 1400 miles apart – but we persevered! Personally, I love to introduce the technique to people who have never heard of it.  Our lecture was packed (and included my art teacher from high school, Br. Marty!), so I was shaking in my boots. Good thing Amy knew what she was doing! Check out to see her work.

Our hands-on had twenty-three people, a few of whom had some experience, but many were new to technique. I am an art educator myself, and it is part of my day job to provide PD for other art educators, so I love a room full of art educators!!  I especially love watching them complete a piece of work, and go through a process for the first time. Art teachers take to ideas so fast, and then change them up – you can’t help but watch and let them fly.

We also got to hang out with some fellow CZTs from the Ft. Worth area, and we got to see a lot of the “First Family of Zentangle” – Maria, Rick and Molly. They are all very inspiring. Two of the ladies are putting together a book, and asked me to participate – I’m very psyched about that, and will be journaling the progress of my pieces here (hopefully – in case you can’t tell, I’m bad at posting). The first one is tree-themed, since I couldn’t help but notice that they are starting to pop their leaves here in NM. Little bursts of green here and there, which is the feeling I want to convey through the piece. I think I’ll use color with this one too….I don’t think I can help myself!

I was seeing patterns everywhere. Here was an example of the tangle Cubine in our hotel hallway:

CubineAnd this one looks familiar, but I can’t find the name of it. This was from the front door of a FABULOUS restaurant in Near Southside in Ft. Worth called “The Flying Carpet”. It was was all wood, from the floors to the ceiling, and covered in plush hand-woven Turkish rugs – just the place for four hungry art teachers wandering around in the Texas drizzle. The food was amazing, and the staff was fun (shout out to Parker who was so happy for us when we got our entrees). This was on the front door:


Oh – I have a new tangle to post as well – “Sraith”. More on that later.



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