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March 21, 2012 by Denise

The nice lady that I occasionally team up with for classes at The Printmaker’s Studio here in Albuquerque is having a show in June called “All Tangled Up” – a show featuring Zentangle Inspired Art (affectionately called ZIA). I’ve been having a hard time finding some inspiration because I’m a little intimidated by the thought of an exhibit. It’s been a few years since I’ve displayed work, and I generally work small, but I want to do a larger piece for the show. (One lady is taking up an entire wall with a ZIA collage – I can’t wait to see that!) While researching for a lesson sharing session on crop circles for work, I came across one of my very favorite shapes: The nautilus. This is the Google image I stumbled upon….

Talk about working on a large scale! I thought this was a great photo too:

The thought of using the Fibonacci Spiral in relation to Zentangle isn’t a new one, but it intrigues me. There are a few CZT geeks like me who work within this realm, I’m wondering if I should seek their advice, or just experiment. The CZT community is very supportive, and extremely giving with advice, ideas, and suggestions. I love being part of the Facebook group especially.

This can be found in MANY places in nature – pine cones, succulents, the arrangement of strawberry seeds, flowers, seeds, etc. I’ve never been the mathematical sort, but the tendency of objects in nature toward the the Fibonacci sequence is really fascinating – almost a marriage of math and nature.  Is it coincidence?  Who knows, but it’s certainly beautiful. So I want to work with this concept – and I hope to blog my progress on the piece. OK, now that I know that the composition is going to be based on the nautilus, what medium should I use? Should I work in color, or just black and white? But wait, a Mandala could be cool too…Decisions, decisions.

If there is anyone in New Mexico that is interested in participating in this show – just let me know and I can forward the information to you.



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